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Category Archives: Vegetables

Sugar snap peas

When I was a kid, my grandmother lived with us for several years and planted a little garden that ran along the perimeter of our house. She was an incredibly capable woman who grew a large variety of vegetables for her own family of eight children back in Taiwan, so it was easy for her [...]

Cool as a cucumber

Sometimes I enjoy cold food in even colder weather. I’d rather have a glass of ice water after coming in from the cold than a mug of hot cocoa. Then again, I’ve been known to describe sub-zero weather merely as “brisk”. Last week I made a refreshing Asian-style cucumber salad. It’s similar to what you [...]

Cute little baby carrots

They’re the “purple haze” variety but these are more of a dark red.

Garlic chives

Over the weekend, my mom gave me a lovely bunch of garlic chive buds freshly cut from a friend’s garden. Used primarily in Asian cooking, garlic chives are different than the thin, hollow little stems you chop up and sprinkle over baked potatoes — the leaves are flat and broad like blades of grass but [...]