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Category Archives: Tea

Tejava iced tea – works every time

The other day my husband was carrying a bottle of Tejava iced tea up to the house, and some folks mistook it for a forty. What do you think?

wasabigelatine’s very own tea blend

In my Holiday Gift Guide, I mentioned a company in the UK that creates custom tea blends. Visit the Blends for Friends website, fill out a form with a bit of information about the recipient including tea preferences and personal characteristics, and receive 125 grams of bespoke loose leaf tea packed in an elegant tin [...]

wasabigelatine’s 2007 holiday gift guide

Last Christmas a friend of mine received a Starbucks gift card from his boss. Not a very original gift, but it’s the thought that counts. And that thought must’ve been “I don’t want to offend you by not getting anything but I really couldn’t care less, so let’s see what’s in the lobby. Oh hey, [...]

My electric water boiler – an appliance I can’t live without

Practically every Asian family I know owns an electric water boiler, and for good reason — they boil up to five liters of water significantly faster than a pot on a stovetop, excellent for brewing large quantities of tea. I always feel warm and happy when I’m at my parents’ house hearing the pleasant whir [...]

Tea sweet tea

My good friend Cat, bon vivant, beer connoisseur, and proud Southerner, sent me a link to this article about sweet tea. (That’s sweet iced tea to y’all north of the Mason-Dixon.) Jeffrey Klineman, the author, waxes poetic about the nectar of the gods — it made me salivate so much I had to get up [...]