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Category Archives: Sweets

Anti-Valentine treats

Valentine’s Day is three days away. Saccharine profusions of hearts and flowers not your thing? There’s a sweet option for folks without significant others — or would rather not have them. Sarah’s Pastries and Candies offers heart-shaped vanilla bean sugar cookies decorated with choice phrases like “No thanks”, “Not a chance”, and “There’s someone else”. [...]

Texas sheet cake

There’s been quite a debate in our house about what to call the cake pictured above. My husband calls it “sheath cake”, I call it “sheet cake”. Josh says it’s been called sheath cake in his family for decades; I say maybe so, but it doesn’t make any sense — what is the cake sheathing? [...]

Pumpkin bars

Here’s a confession: I’m really bad at making pie crust. I’ve tried just about everything — all-butter, all-shortening, half and half, the food processor method, the pastry cutter thing, bare hands — only to end up with something slightly too dry/too gooey/rolls out funny/holes in it. What’s a girl to do when she has to [...]

Portillo’s chocolate cake – a scam?

There have been rumors floating around for years that Portillo’s famous chocolate cake actually comes from a mix. Now that I think about it, I wouldn’t be surprised — the cake is almost unnaturally moist but doesn’t have a buttery richness, and the same goes for the frosting, which is mind-numbingly chocolatey but without any [...]

Organic options in Chicago

Here are a few places in Chicago that serve organic food: Crust (2056 W. Division, 773-235-5511) – This is Chicago’s first certified organic restaurant (pictured at left) and features sandwiches, salads, and “flatbreads”, which are more like ultra-thin crust pizzas similar to the wood-fired Neapolitan style, and definitely the highlight of the menu. While I [...]