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Sweet mung bean soup

One of my favorite summer meals is a simple, refreshing bowl of chilled soup — gazpacho, cucumber-avocado,¬†curried carrot and other veggie-based soups are lovely ways to enjoy the season’s bounty. When my sister and I were growing up, our mom would serve us sweet, cold mung bean soup in the summertime. We were fond of [...]

Thin Mint ice cream

When my sister and I were little, we were friends with three brothers whose parents owned a Baskin-Robbins. Once in a while they’d invite everyone over to the shop for unlimited free ice cream. As we watched their mom scoop mountains of rainbow sherbet and jamoca almond fudge, the rest of us kids thought about [...]

Coconut-lime bundt cake

Bundt cakes are the casseroles of the dessert world:¬†quick, easy, large enough to feed a crowd. Adorned with just a dusting of powdered sugar or a translucent veil of icing, they’re the modest counterpart to fussy, heavily frosted layer cakes. And they’re practical, a cinch to transport and help yourself to at the buffet table. [...]

Recipe: Nightwood Restaurant’s Spicy Duck SOPA

In honor of defiance of SOPA, Nightwood Restaurant featured a spicy duck soup (get it?) on its brunch menu last Sunday. The kicker: it came with a copy of the recipe. There was nothing gimmicky about the soup, though. It was a robust broth with serious complexity, redolent of Asian spices and the mysterious funk [...]

Consider the Lobster

Literary phenom David Foster Wallace passed away this weekend, an apparent suicide and a great loss to American fiction. Reading his work is like being offered a glimpse into the mind of a mad genius — complex, overwrought, brilliant, disturbing, raw, wickedly funny. His 2004 essay for Gourmet magazine, “Consider the Lobster” — a sly [...]