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What’s in your kitchen cabinets?

I was cleaning out my kitchen cabinets this weekend in preparation for a Christmas cookie baking marathon and unearthed a whole slew of random pantry items. This is what happens when you have deep, ten-foot-high cabinets and don’t take inventory every three years or so. Along with the requisite collection of way-past-their-prime spices, here are [...]

Mashed potatoes

wasabigelatine wants to know: <a href=””>Take the poll</a><br />

What Brits think of American food

An old family vacation souvenir

I’ve had this mug since I was a kid, which makes it “vintage”. Yikes.

Food geekery

This month’s Wired magazine delivery included a nice little bonus publication — a Geekipedia. Along with your usual suspects like Steve Jobs, brain implants, and Twitter, there’s a food-related entry: Molecular gastronomy: Ever since our primitive ancestors got the hang of fire, application of heat has been the primary way to prepare food. But today’s [...]