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The emperor’s new candy

London artist Greetje van Helmond creates lovely jewelry out of sugar crystals like the chunky necklace and ring pictured above. But with prices starting at £120 a piece — over $240 for a bauble that’s history if it falls into a cup of coffee — you can buy sugar for enough edible rocks to outbling [...]

Tejava iced tea – works every time

The other day my husband was carrying a bottle of Tejava iced tea up to the house, and some folks mistook it for a forty. What do you think?

Words to live by

Printed on the lid of Seven Stars Farm Organic Yogurt: Help Ever, Hurt Never

Planters Super Bowl ad

What is it about Super Bowl commercials and nuts? Last year there was the controversial Snickers ad; this year there’s a disturbing/weird/funny one by Planters. Here it is, in case you missed it.

My chopsticks collection

Aren’t they cute?