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wasabigelatine’s 2013 holiday gift guide

My husband likes to amuse himself by sending me clickbait-style texts on his way home from work: “This Cabbie Knows How To Save the Day — But Will It Cost Him His Life?” I’m a bit behind updating this blog, so in the spirit of playing catch up and because my favorite finds this year [...]

My year in canning

I started canning in late 2011 because my favorite grape jam had been discontinued. Actually, I hadn’t been able to find American Spoon grape jam for at least four years and everything else I’d tried, from mass market to small batch artisanal varieties, just didn’t stack up. The one closest to ideal was a big [...]

Dose Market: a cure for the common shopping experience

This past Sunday I visited the opening of Dose Market, a monthly event featuring Chicago food artisans and fashion designers held at the spacious River East Arts Center. Dose is the brainchild of four local food and fashion mavens, including the Chicago editors of Daily Candy and Tasting Table, and their impeccable tastes were evident [...]

wasabigelatine’s 2010 holiday gift guide

As the mom of a 14 month old, I haven’t had the chance to travel since my daughter was born. But we’ve explored quite a bit of Chicago this past year mostly because of an exhausted nursing mom’s constant demands for food. From early morning espresso runs with our newborn last fall to lively dinners [...]

Things I’ve been eating recently

Here’s a little secret: I haven’t cooked a proper meal in weeks. But I’ve been hitting the farmers markets pretty hard and there’s plenty of fresh food that requires little to no preparation — perfect for my crazy schedule. We’ve supplemented our market finds with a few restaurant visits and have been eating and drinking [...]