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Category Archives: Chocolate

wasabigelatine’s 2008 holiday gift guide

…because it’ll be Christmas before you know it. These exquisite animal shot glasses are a far cry from the college logo-emblazoned ones we’re all too familiar with. They’re made of black glass and pewter and are designed to balance on their noses or horns when filled with your beverage of choice. Head side up, they [...]

Kshocolât’s chocolate-covered something or other

In another example of the package looking better than the product tastes, Scotland’s Kshocolât offers a duo of beautiful, sleek cardboard tubes filled with chocolate-covered strawberry pieces and orange peel — or so they say. The Mini Strawberrettes are described as “tiny pieces of dried strawberry enrobed in luxurious milk chocolate and glazed with a [...]

Texas sheet cake

There’s been quite a debate in our house about what to call the cake pictured above. My husband calls it “sheath cake”, I call it “sheet cake”. Josh says it’s been called sheath cake in his family for decades; I say maybe so, but it doesn’t make any sense — what is the cake sheathing? [...]

Frango Mints in a tube…and a bottle

Skin care and beauty line philosophy has introduced two Frango Mint-scented products just in time for the holidays. Inspired by Marshall Field’s famous chocolate mint meltaways, these bath and beauty treats smell so good you’ll be tempted to squeeze them straight into your mouth. You can almost do that with the frango mint diet lip [...]

wasabigelatine’s 2007 holiday gift guide

Last Christmas a friend of mine received a Starbucks gift card from his boss. Not a very original gift, but it’s the thought that counts. And that thought must’ve been “I don’t want to offend you by not getting anything but I really couldn’t care less, so let’s see what’s in the lobby. Oh hey, [...]