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DIY bottle cap magnets

My husband loves his beer; I don’t know a session from a saison. I’ve never been able to get into beer but I appreciate the care and creativity many breweries put into their packaging — beer bottles have so much more personality than wine labels. Some bottle caps are really well designed and it seemed [...]

wasabigelatine’s 2011 holiday gift guide

Bright stars on coasters and boxes of toffee Soap for your mittens and booze for your coffee Cookbooks with cuisine so mindboggling These are a few of my favorite things this year!   Isn’t it more fun to give out handwritten recipe cards rather than clicking the “send to a friend” button? Rifle Paper Co. [...]

Shiner 99

A simple winter stew recipe from Jamie Oliver

Several years ago, I participated in an online chat featuring Jamie Oliver. Here’s the excerpt with my question and his answer: W: I enjoy beer and would like to incorporate it into my cooking as one uses wine. What types would you recommend, and with what kinds of food? JO: Let’s start with the most [...]

April 16

…is when Shiner Bock hits Chicago! My man, a native Texan, has been looking forward to this for years — almost seven, when he relocated to Chicago from Dallas. He’ll no longer have to lug a case back when he visits or ask his mom to mail him some. Once he asked his Okie friends [...]