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Amsterdam Falafelshop

Cat took me to Amsterdam Falafelshop during my recent visit to Washington, D.C. It’s now on my list of all-time favorite restaurants, or at least divey hole-in-the-walls. I’m jonesing for one of their sandwiches right now — crispy-soft falafel nestled in a warm pita, topped with all sorts of everything from a veritable salad bar of garnishes. I loaded mine up with cucumbers, cumin-dusted onions, and an ungodly amount of garlic mayo. There may have been a couple of other things in there, but it’s kind of hard to tell from the mayo overload. The fries are almost as mindblowing. They’re cut fairly thick (my preferred style — I like a larger ratio of soft potato versus crunch) and twice-fried for extra crispiness. It also allows them to stay crispy even when cold, we noticed. And the fries also come with a variety of condiment choices: Dutch mayo, peanut sauce, malt vinegar, and plain old ketchup. I tried them all but opted for another round of garlic mayo. Heavenly. If they’d offered a garlic mayo soda to wash it all down with, I’m sure I would’ve had that, too.

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  1. Cat wrote:

    I love Amsterdam Falafelshop. I usually put cucumbers and onions, some sort of tzatziki, chopped parsley and garlic, and the red cabbage on my falafel, but now I’m interested in the cumin onions. I like either the garlic cream or the peanut sauce on my fries. Anyone visiting DC should make an effort to visit (it’s in Adams Morgan). The menu is very simple, but I think there’s something to please almost everyone!

    Friday, November 30, 2007 at 1:24 pm | Permalink

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